Sunday, 29 June 2014


I have never been one to let existing UFOs get in the way of a new project, so when I saw that Pam Rocco had designed a cowboy block, I had to give it a go!  It's based on the old tin man block, and if you fancy it, it's a web extra from 'Quilter's Newsletter' and you can find it here.
This will make a great Linus quilt, and when I was looking for border fabric, I found this great cow print - how good is that?

It even has blue in it to tie in with the sashing!  Lucky find!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Dear Jane blocks

Not much sewing has taken place recently, due to the fact that we've been away, but now we're back (and I've recovered from my stint on my soapbox!) I have made a foray into the sewing room.  DS met up with some old friends, and Rhiannon asked him if I could make a quilt for her.  Apart from the fact that I love making quilts, I made one a few years back for Mic, so I think it's fair to make one for Rhiannon too.  But then there is the problem of what she wants.  'Traditional and in blues or blues and greens.'  Well, that shouldn't be too hard.  Then I thought about my 'Dear Jane' blocks, which were all in blues.  Could I get them together for Rhi?  I got them out, and I'd made 55 blocks, so wanted a way of making them knit up big.  How about this for an idea?
I'm not a fan of sashing, and had planned to join them without sashing anyway, so there will be a nine-patch in the middle, surrounded by a wide frame of a patterned blue fabric, then a frame of DJ blocks, another of the blue fabric, another DJ and another blue.  Then borders.  I only have 19 more blocks to make and we're off!