Friday, 15 May 2015

Another holiday!

What's that saying about buses?  You wait for ages and then two come together?  Well, it's been a bit like that here with holidays.  Nothing for ages, then two long haul trips in quick succession.  This trip 
has been China, and was fabulous.  I don't want to bore anyone with holiday photos, but couldn't resist this one of me in seventh heaven surrounded by indigo printed fabrics!  We went to Wen Zhou which is a kind of Chinese Venice, in that it's built on water and has canals for streets, and there was a demonstration of resist printing on fabric (they used lime apparently) which was then steeped in indigo. 

There were loads of beautiful designs, and of course I succumbed to temptation while we were there. 

This fishy panel is about 18" square, and gorgeous. 
We got back late on Wednesday, and I'm beginning to get to terms with the jet lag.  Yesterday I even had a brief session at the sewing machine to finish off this delicate Mile a Minute quilt. 

It was an experiment in tone, using cream scraps versus pale scraps.  I think it's worked, and I used a variegated thread to quilt fans onto the pale triangles to add a little more colour.  Now to dive into something a bit more in your face!