Sunday, 27 October 2013


Yesterday DD Gemma married her fiance Ben.  It was a wonderful day, and it was fabulous to see how happy they both were.  Gemma has never been afraid of forging her own path, so decided to marry in midnight blue, and since she already had a dress she liked which was that colour, wore that one!  Her headdress was custom made for her in America, with feathers, flowers and jewels.  And she dyed her hair pink the night before the wedding, as a 'surprise' for Ben!  (Luckily, he was delighted!)
Here they are after the signing of the register,

and here is a lovely one showing Gemma's happiness.

Here is the wedding cake, which was tiers of different cheeses,

and here is a general view of the hall, just before the reception.  Future pictures will feature the bridesmaid dressed in a knitted Dalek outfit and other delights.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Officially clever!

Yesterday there was an interesting article in 'The Times' which not everyone may have read.  Apparently research by Dr. Denise Park of Texas University has shown that elderly people can boost their brain power by learning a new skill, but only challenging activities will produce this effect.  Over two hundred people aged 60 to 90 were divided into three groups.  One group learned a demanding new skill, one listened to classical music and completed crossword puzzles and the third group took part in social activities.  Only the first group showed improved mental acuity.  So, what were the challenging activities which produced this effect?  Digital photography and quilting!  So, that explains the sparkling conversation to be found at every quilty gathering and bodes well for the future!
I have been exercising my own grey cells with Bonnie Hunter's 'Lazy Sunday'.  I've made my usual half the blocks, and started to join them together.

So far so good, until I checked the pattern, and realised that I had started at the top of Bonnie's design, and only six rows wouldn't mke a balanced design.  So I made my own balanced design!  Not sure if I like the purple centre though.

So I moved the two rows I'd already joined together down a bit and added a row on top.  Now I have four flowers in the centre.  Is this better?  Perhaps the clincher was that I have exactly enough blocks for this design, and I would have to make more Jacobs Ladder blocks to complete the other.  Laziness will win the day!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Never again!

I have been finishing off my wedding tasks.  DS and I made an initial arrangement of the table flowers (silk) in the vases, and then I finished off the ring pillow.  The appliqued initials were done, and I decided to put prairie points round the edge (DD would hate lace!) 
 I've never actually used prairie points before so it was a bit of a learning curve!

Here is the finished pillow - the messy white blobs in the middle are the ribbons for tying on the rings!  I'm pleased with it, but the prairie points were a tedious task.  I know you can make continuous ones, but I wasn't sure of the spacing and didn't want to end up with a half PP, so made each one individually from a 2" square!  It's taken me most of the afternoon to make these little beauties, and while I quite like the effect in this case, I'm not planning to make any ever again!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Circles on my mind

I have been enjoying some hand piecing recently, and mainly making circles.  I had no idea what I was going to do with them - just enjoying the process.  Suddenly I realised that they could go together!
They look a bit strange like this, but at least they're blending together colour and value-wise.  I'm currently piecing a border for the turquoise and blue cog wheel at the top, then when that's finished, I can play!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Wedding sewing

DD's wedding is fast approaching, so I decided to get on with the sewing tasks I have.  First was the bunting.  I have made some with the couple's new name on, and then loads and loads of blue, cream and a little bit of pink bunting for the hall decorations. 
I have located and attached a suitable border to their wedding quilt.  There will be more to add on this, but it needed something solid to ground it.  

Then I have starched and cut all the pieces of fabric which people will sign at the reception.  I tried several colour pens out, but DD thinks the black is best. 

The table toppers are all cut to size,

and the ring pillow applique is nearly done.  DD didn't want a lacy pillow, so I've used this bunting fabric, and am applying their initials joined together.  I'll attach some ribbon on the L for DD's ring, and some on the B for her fiancĂ©'s. 

There has been a little quilting going on too.  I'm continuing my love affair with Mile a Minute, and have copied this idea of stars with plain points which you can see here on  Bonnie's blog, although it was made by Priscilla. 

I need nine colours: green, red, orange, yellow, turquoise ................ I'll get there!