Friday, 8 January 2016


I'm mainly working on my Allietare, and am very pleased with it.

I've corrected those pesky jumping blocks, and am grateful to those who pointed them out.  DD has asked if I could let her have something for a charity auction, and this might be it.  I don't have other plans for it at the moment, so we'll see.  I think this arrangement will give me a final quilt about 60" square, which is a decent size and very quilt able.  Four more blocks to go! 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016


As if I need new projects, I've been working on my Bonnie Hunter mystery, Allietare.  Allietare means to gladden or rejoice in Italian, and is an appropriate name for a quilt inspired by the colours of Tuscany.  
Here is my progress so far. 

I usually do half the suggested number of block components, and then see how big that will be.  I think this four by four arrangement will probsbly be good, and make a decent size with added borders.  So far I'm liking it very much, and it's all going tog ether very easily. 
I'm also working on another mystery, the 365 challenge.  This is a challenge of a block every day for a year!  No pressure there, then!  The blocks are only 3" to start with, and very undemanding, so I'm keeping up so far. Here they are. 

Four pacth, H block, cross and the other one should be a rail fence, but I chose the alternative block, year's end.  Next is a nine patch, so it's gradually ramping up. Have a look on