Sunday, 9 September 2007

A UFO and a cutie!

Since completing my Mile a Minute top, I decided that it was only fair to make another top into a quilt - sort of evening out the numbers somewhat and easing the conscience too. I decided the easiest one would be the smallest, so have finished the Noah's arc string quilt.

I bought a fat quarter of Noah's ark fabric at a bargain price thinking that it would be enough to make blocks which could be sashed etc and make a nice Project Linus quilt. Of course, unless the pictures are printed in rows, it's imposible to cut out all the images without slicing off animals' heads, legs, trunks or other vital body parts, and making it all look a bit strange. With this fabric, I managed to cut six good pictures, one with a reasonable join in it, and then the centre two (right and left) were joined as best I could to make up the numbers. With some lovely string-pieced sashing, I think it's turned out well. I don't think children's quilts should be too heavily quilted: it's the snuggle factor which is important. I half wish I'd put another plain blue border round the whole thing before binding, but it's too late now, and I'm sure the recipient isn't a quilt judge!

Last week I went to our local hospital to deliver some Linus quilts and had the good fortune to be allowed to take the picture of a recipient. I don't know how it is in other countries, but here in the UK you can't take photos of children without parental permission, even at Nativity plays, swimming competitions or sports days. It's sensitivity gone mad, I say. But this little cutie has already been in the local paper, so it's fine for you to coo over her.

Her name is Faith and she was shortly to go home for the first time. I love the way she is clutching her quilt, as if to say, 'This is mine now, and you're not taking it back!'

I had decided that since I have recently delivered lots of Linus quilts (40 in August) I wouldn't start any more myself, just wait for them to roll in (believe me, they do! So many good-hearted quilters live in the centre of England!) . However, surfing and enjoying others' blogs is dangerous to your quilting time, and I discovered a wonderful pattern called Happy Houses, which is not only gorgeous and suitable for boys or girls, but also very simple to make. You can view it at Hearts for Linus where there are also the instructions. I'm off to make a couple or twenty now! LOL


blackbearcabin said...

What a lovely quilt...and how busy youve been to deliver sooooo many quilts to the hospital. i love the photo you included of the little baby clutching her quilt...its always wonderful to see the joy a gift can bring to someone! keep up the wonderful are touching many hearts!
lisajo :)

Karol-Ann said...

What a sweet little girl, isn't Project Linus a wonderful charity! And that's a lovely quilt - I don't think it needed another border, it looks great as it is!! Keep up the good work!

Jane Weston said...

Lynda you've done a lovely job and I like the use of scrap strings in between the blocks...I might use that idea!

DD said...

I like the way her face seems to say "Err, excuse me! I'm having a moment with my new lovely quilt, if you don't mind! What's all this taking my picture about?"

(and I reckon I was way cuter than that as an ickle... wasn't I?) ;)