Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy Easter!

It's Good Friday today, and we always start the day with hot cross buns. For those unfamiliar with these delicacies, they are enriched bread buns, with lots of dried fruit in them, glazed with a sugar and spice mixture and marked with a pastry cross on the top, to remind us of Jesus's death on the cross. They are particularly delicious toasted, and fill the kitchen with a warm, spicey aroma. Yum! They are available in the shops here from Christmas onwards!

Next I put up my Easter display. I would have done it earlier, but DH was carrying the step ladder around in his car (don't ask why) and I needed it to get the Easter box down from the loft. First to come out is the Easter hen (rather the worse for wear, but then, she's about 25 years old, which is good going for a hen!). She sits on a basket nest of blown eggs, done by the children over the years, and 'lays' something every day from Good Friday to Easter Day. Lucky that DD was still in bed while I got her settled on a little chocolate egg! I have an extensive collection of fluffy chicks and other animals which I display along the shelf in the lounge. I'm always on the look out for different ones to add to the collection, and it's surprising the variety you can find. I am not prejudiced at all, and have yellow chicks, pink chicks, blue ones, grey ones, ones on nests, ones in baskets, ones with bonnets and a couple of Rasta ones in little knitted hats!

However, my pieces de resistances are my two fluffy rabbits, complete with fluffy carrots and my pig in a nest!

I can just see the scene in the chick factory in China. 'Now, Mr Wong, what can we make for Easter that will be a big seller? We've already got chicks and bunnies - do you have any ideas?' 'Well, Mr Ping, what about a nice Easter pig?' 'Fantastic idea Mr Wong, and we'll make it yellow. That's a really good colour for a pig!' 'Exactly, Mr Ping, and what about putting it in a nice little nest? That's very seasonal.' 'Mr Wong, that's a master stroke! A yellow fluffy pig in a nest it is!'
Or something like that!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

LOL...oh're terrible.
Very seasonal display...certainly cheery...especially against the dreadful weather outside!!

DD said...

And you forgot to mention that the pig was a gift from your beloved DD who, as memory serves, told you "It was so disgusting, I couldn't leave it in the shop..."