Wednesday, 11 February 2009

More UFOs

I think nearly every quilter in the world's New Year Resolution was to finish some of her UFOs, and I was no exception! After my success with the Dresden plate, I kept digging into my UFO box, to see what was there.
The first one which came to hand was this Happy Houses quilt I had made in 2007, following initial inspiration from Tonya about making letters.

The house block is really easy, as it's only got a door and a roof, but it was fun selecting the people and animals (and one alien!) to stand in the doorways. It also gave me a chance to use up lots of bright fabrics and bargain pieces which had been lurking in my stash. I just need to finish slip-stitching the binding on this one and it's done.
Next UFO to surface was this sample piece I made for a Mile a Minute workshop, to show how the blocks looked with sashing.

I have made some more MAM blocks, and used an appliqued yellow heart from the Linus orphans box for the centre, and some nice blocks which Loulee sent me which look perfect in the corners.

And finally, some blocks I made for a 12 Days of Christmas quilt which was a pattern in Quiltmaker in 2004. They are too good to waste, but I'd be kidding myself if I thought I'd ever finish the whole quilt. In any event, I have used up nearly all of the beige fabric I've used for the background, which would make it look odd. How about this for a plan? I'll make the two remaining bird blocks (swan-a-swimming and goose-a-laying) and the remaining beige fabric and use the birds to put in the corners. The hens will easily go into a Linus quilt, and I can make some stars or some other blocks to fill in the gaps! In case, of course, you have a better idea........


loulee said...

Reading between the lines in the houses quilt, I see rows of little girls in their sunday dresses! LOL I've heard of hidden designs, but never expected to see one in a row of houses.
This is all very industrious and you're making me feel lazy! Glad some of my spares found a use though.

janet said...

Hi Lynda
I love the idea of having different people or animals in the doorways. A lovely linus quilt.
Could I beg a copy of the chicken applique as I am collecting designs for a chicken quilt to celebrate our rescued hens' first anniversary.

sewkalico said...

I recognised that heart block :-)
Personally, I would put those 2 smaller bird blocks diagonally opposite, not make any more birds and fill in the spaces with 9 patches/railfences... etc etc
Well done on getting those UFO's going again!!