Monday, 21 September 2009

Clever Mum!

My Mum, who is no patchworker but an experienced needlewoman, belongs to the Townswomen's Guild. This organisation (amongst other things) have craft competitions at local, county and country levels. A group gets points for the number of entries - in the first instance - and then for numbers of successes in the later stages.
This year's theme was Depict a Decade (of the 20th century), and each guild chose a decade for themselves. My Mum's guild chose the 1950s, and each entry, whether it was a cushion, card, photograph, dressed doll, piece of jewellery, covered box or patchwork bag, had to depict that decade in some way. Mum decided to make a patchwork bag, and borrowed several of my patchwork magazines to help her.

This is her entry, complete with photos of the era. This is Queen Elizabeth's coronation,

and here is Sir Edmund Hilary at the top of Mount Everest. Those with sharp eyes will be able to see that not only did she win the local and county levels, but came second in the whole country! Not bad for a non-patchworking, very short-sighted 82 year old! Go Mum!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Congrats to your Mom :o)

Contented Caroline said...

I hope I can produce such gorgeous things when I'm 82. Well done to your mum - did she win anything nice?

Julie in the Barn said...

Wow, what a great achievement! You must be so proud of her. Tell her congratulations from your blog friend Julie in California.

Anonymous said...

How excellent ... way to go!

Shasta said...

It looks great! Congrats to your Mom.

black bear cabin said...

That is just awesome...and what a cute bag! Who gets to keep it? :)
BTW, i tried to reply to some comments you posted on my blog, but it had a no reply email on this something new for you or is it a glitch? just wanted to give you a heads up :)
Congrats to your mom!