Monday, 18 October 2010

Material girl

I couldn't have made a trip to the USA without hoping to buy some fabric, and in that I was very successful! I asked the lady in the hotel in Portland whether she knew anywhere to buy fabric, and she directed us to an outlet called 'Mardens' which had bolts and bolts of fabric (along with everything from stationery to three piece suites!).

I managed to track down a Judie Rothermiel toile fabric, a nice Linus fabric with football boots on it and a fabric which said 'Quilters are Piecemakers' which, since my local quilt group is called Piecemakers, I couldn't resist!

I really wanted to find a proper quilt shop, and when we stopped for a coffee in Wilmington, I was delighted to find this one.

It was a real rabbit warren of a place, with rooms opening off rooms in a delightful way. I was tickled to see they sold rulers made by my home company 'Creative Grids', and gave their emblem of the Leicestershire fox a little stroke! I was determined to stay true to my resolution to buy what I needed rather than wanted, so while they had a tantalising selection of autumn prints, (and lots of other gorgeous stuff) I bypassed them. I finally ended up with a layer cake of reproduction fabrics, which I need for my challenge quilt.

The phot looks like I bought a whole stack, but I'm holding the packet up vertically!

Here are the fabrics, along with a fat quarter I bought from Shelburne. And to prove I really 'needed' them, I have already incorporated one of the designs in my latest challenge block.

This little beauty finishes at 8", which makes it quite fiddly. The worst of it is that I have another three to make! Better get back to the sewing machine!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looovely fabrics Lynda! I can't believe how restrained you were...I don't know if I could have been...that place sounds delightful!

Love the block! 8" eh? oooh fiddly was bad enough sewing it up at the full size!

Contented Caroline said...

Lovely Lynda. You were so restrained - I would have bought the shop up - 'they don't sell these in the UK' would be my mantra and reasoning for buying them (even if they do)!!! The block looks great too - far too complex for me,

Susan said...

I have a friend whose mother lives near Mardens. When ever she goes she takes orders from some of us girls for fabric.

Glad you found some great places to shop.

black bear cabin said...

Im really enjoying all of the photos of your trip! ive always wanted to go out East for a trip in the Fall...the colors look wonderful! The crazy quilts in your previous post are wonderful too! What fun...keep sharing those photos :)

orchidlover said...

I'm with Caroline on this one. I would have needed another suitcase to put all the fabric in.
Well done on being so restrained.

Love the block. good luck on makimg the other ones

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Clare said...

Me too. Can't believe how restrained you were! I would have gone wild. It's bad enough when I go over to the UK, but to go to the US. You were so good.

Barb said...

great fabric purchases and what a fun block!

pauline said...

Hi Lynda, love the piecemaker fabric.
Can't wait to see the challenge qulit finished

pauline said...
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