Friday, 19 November 2010

Too many tops

I don't know a single quilter who says, 'Oh, I'm just going to layer up my latest quilt. Really looking forward to it!' Piecing is something most people enjoy, and then others like quilting, but the layering up is nobody's favourite. And that includes me! I've been busy piecing lately, and have now got too many tops!

This is a cot quilt DS started for a friend of his while he was 'resting' earlier this year. All the nine-patches were done, and it just needed assembling. The baby was born about 6 months ago, so I've given him a helping hand, now he's working.

Now I'm retired, I've been doing a little teaching - teaching quilting to adults is much easier than teaching language disordered children, though just as rewarding! This is a class sample which will no doubt end up on its way to Linus.

I've also been running a beginners' cot quilt class, and here is the sample for that. The ladies in this class were real beginners (which is fine by me) and one of them didn't even know what a seam was! Well, she knows now, and the local quilt groups will be benefitting by getting some new members generated by the class!

And of course, I'm rarely without a Linus quilt on the go. This one was made in response to a request from a 5 year old girl with cancer who loves princesses. Apparently her mother applied to the 'Make a Wish Foundation' for the opportunity to take her to Disneyland, unsuccessfully. This Disney princess panel and matching fabric was in the donated bag, which made the quilt very easy to complete. It won't win any competitions, but hopefully it'll win a little girl's heart.

Now to layering up. What joy!


Cheri said...

Wish we lived near each other. Wouldn't it be more fun to layer quilts as a team? Make a fun day of it. Fun quilts you shared today!

Contented Caroline said...

I don't know if you've used spray adhesive - but for cot sized small quilts it makes layering up a joy - get some spray - stick the quilt on your ironing board - iron and spray and it's done in a few mins - give it a whirl for Linus quilts you will be able to whim 'em out in no time. They all look lovely by-the-way.

black bear cabin said...

i cant believe how many quilts you've been cranking out since you go girl! :) As for sandwiching them...maybe you can bring them to one of your quilt gatherings and spend the day sandwiching quilts with friends...that might soften the blow :)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

As you know, I'm "collection" tops too...just got to clear off the dinning room table for the basting party!! :o)