Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A step too far?

Since DS came home and claimed his bedroom back, we have been sharing storage facilities in there. He has stored his clothes, shoes, books, DVDs etc and I have stored much of my fabric. It didn't really seem fair for me to be in and out of his bedroom on a regular basis, so I have been busy trying to move my stash into the study (aka my sewing room) to give him a bit of privacy.

My creams were happy to share an under-the-bed-box with the purples, and are now in our bedroom, with a another box of browns.

My IKEA storage unit has been moved from inside DS's wardrobe to underneath my sewing table. This has reds, pinks, yellows and batiks (with a handy carrier bag storage facility at the side!). It was quite easy to move the unit, but some of my other fabrics had got rather out of hand.

I was inspired by a recent post on Stash Manicure to buy some clear boxes from my local handware shop, and separate my blues (and greens) into lights, mediums and darks, instead of being in one big box. (Can you imagine what was lurking at the bottom of the box? Some fabrics which I had completely forgotten I had, and lots of bits!)

The bits were easily assimilated into my Bonnie Hunter-style scrap user system, of 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3" and 5" strips and squares. But then, I went one stage further. Inspired by Hilary's lovely pouch bag she showed at the latest Rocheberie meeting, which was completely made of selvedges, I have now labelled one more box.

Not sure whether this is complete madness or thrift! What do you think?


Andrea said...

It's a good thing ! I made a tote bag with my selvedges a while back and everywhere I go with it ( quilting shows and so on ) everybody loves it and wants one too. I have a very nice big tin which contains all my selvedges and it's getting nicely full for me to make . . . . something - just not sure what at the moment - lol !

Clare said...

I save the selvedges, but don't use them. I usually arrange a private swap with someone. I'm slowly building up the collection again so if you want this lot then let me know.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I'm really going to put myself out there and say madness.. LOL I think if you save them and make one project from them you will soon come to your senses! :o)

Contented Caroline said...

Good to be organised Lynda - you will soon be like my husband who has storage boxes, for his boxes and so many boxes there is just no room for them!!! Look forward to see a selvedeg project underway!!

sewkalico said...

I admire your organisation (and madness LOL)