Monday, 28 January 2013

My first jelly roll

Some of my students asked if we could make a jelly roll quilt, so I decided I needed to buy a jelly roll to make a sample.  So far, I've felt no need to have one - why do I want carefully coordinated fabrics chosen by someone else, when I have a huge stash of my own and can learn more about colour by selecting for myself?  Add to which, the nicest ones are not at all cheap, so they were easy to admire and avoid!  Anyway, I went off to my local quilt shop and found that all the nicest jelly rolls were £32 and £38 - rather steep prices I thought.  So I turned to good old ebay and bought this Moda jelly roll for £28 including postage.  Much more acceptable!

It's called Independence Trail and is in all my favourite reproduction colours of pinky red, slate blue and taupe.

I can't wait to open it but am being good, and waiting till I've finished another UFO.  How long do you think I can resist it?!

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

That looks like a lovely line of anything you make with that will be lovely!