Sunday, 3 November 2013


I know the shops have been full of Christas stuff for months now, but I hadn't thought I'd be adding to people's angst about preparing for the big day.  However, my local group is having a challenge to produce a Christmas wall-hanging, and I thought I'd show my effort so far.

I love doing free pieced letters so used those.  I'm not completely satisfied with the 'y' - I should have made my usual cursive style one - but I haven't got any more of the background fabric, so can't redo it.  I'd forgotten how much fabric free piecing uses up, and didn't choose my background wisely.  I needed to frame the letters, and decided that a contrast would work.

So much for that idea!  It looks awful - the letters look as if they're in prison!   Back to the stash to see if there is anything which might blend in.

Hooray!  I found some fabric with handwriting on which is almost exactly the same colour and value as the background fabric.  Now the final border.  Red? Green?  Yes, one of those.


black bear cabin said...

i think it looks great, and i like your "Y" too :) i have to try the free piecing again, but i got a little intimidated when i just wasnt working for me. i love words in quilts. hope you are all well!

Millie said...

Oh yeah, I had an equally bad experience with shiny gold fabric in my black box quilt. Love your letters. Very fun and happy. I would suggest a border with red. You know, you could also add a couple of winter trees too.