Friday, 24 January 2014

Any sewing?

I haven't blogged this month because there hasn't been much to blog about!  We've been very busy packing up my Mum's house and moving her to a cosy bungalow near to us, and of course with the annual panto!  Much time has been spent measuring actors, sourcing costumes, fitting costumes, buying fabrics and some making of costumes.  This week has been the last lap.   I've been doing the bits and bobs.
The panto is 'Cinderella' which means the chorus all need a ball outfit.  The boys made do with white shirts and fancy waistcoats, but the girls needed dresses in panto style.  This one fitted the bill, but not the actor, so I improvised by putting a small panel in the back.  It's not at all noticeable on stage. 

Another great ball dress for the wicked stepmother, again, not in the right size.  A black panel and some extra lace make it look fine.

The prince needs a sash (it's actually integral to the plot) so some brocade-like fabric, a length of ribbon, and grandma's old brooch solved that one!
Another ball gown (aka old bridesmaid dress) which needed taking up at the waist and a bit of repair.

A pink ball gown which needed a pair of boobs to fill out the bodice.  The 12 year old actor didn't have any, so I put some darts in the neck.  Sorted!

And finally, one of the ugly sisters needed a pocket in his gymslip.  That was straightforward, as I just undid the seam and slipped the pocket in. 
Now all I have to is enjoy the show!


sewkalico said...

Very nifty indeed! Enjoy the show! !

Liz said...

Oh the joys of panto! We are recovering after ours. Now I am on to 8 waistcoats for Nicholas Nickleby in March.