Friday, 11 July 2014

Thanks, Amanda

I knew there would be some kind soul out there with a solution to my 'Dear Jane' problem.  (I had about 70 blocks, and wanted a way of making them 'knit up big' so I could make them up into a double quilt.)  Amanda, you are a star!  She suggested putting the blocks on point!  What a great idea!
On point blocks not only knit up big, but always look more dynamic and interesting than the same blocks square on.  Here's an idea of how they will look.  I've joined up the top right hand section, and the rest of the blocks are only in provisional placings.  There will be easily enough blocks for an 8 x 8 setting, so I'll see what that looks like when I get there.  Hooray!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

I couldn't dream up anything better than what Amanda suggested so didn't say anything...seems her suggestion is fab though...really pops and looks awesome!

Amanda said...

Wow! Now that looks fab!!

Debbie milne said...

Love it! Great idea x