Saturday, 2 August 2014

Summer sewing

I have been doing some sewing lately (I'm addicted - how could I stop?) even though the weather has been very hot.  I keep the window to my sewing room open, and progressively close the curtains as the sun works its way round that side of the house.  Doesn't exactly keep me cool, but tolerable.  I  have a large pile of Linus tops waiting to be layered and quilted (32 of them to date!) and I am aiming to quilt one a week.  this sounds very impressive, but since they are nearly all lap quilt size, and the quilting needs to hold the layers together rather than win prizes, it's very doable. 
here is a quilted top made from strips which Muriel gave me.  I added the pale blue strips to unify it, and I'm pleased with the result.  I just quilted it in wavy lines across the strips.  The binding is all cut ready for a willing volunteer to complete the quilt.

here is another one, made from Mile a Minute blocks made into stars.  I think this looks really good.  there is stipple quilting with stars in the white spaces. 

Oh dear.  This one jumped while I was snapping it.  It was a panel of 8 Impressionist scenes, and I used the strips from the edge of the designs to make the Dresden plate for the centre.  The binding will be red, and it will be good to see this one go out.  Muriel again generously donated the fabric, and it's been waiting to be completed for a while. 
I know that's only 3 tops, but I did another one which Paula took away to complete. So then I felt able to get on with Rhiannon's Dear Jane.  

This arrangement uses 64 blocks, leaving me with two left over!  One is a basket, which looked a bit odd on point, and the other was made from fabric which was too purply to play nicely with the other blocks.  They will go into my orphan bag and come in another time.  I'm planning to whack a couple of borders on it, and let the Dear Jane blocks shine.

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

Just love your DJ quilt... I'm tempted to dig mine out of the pile and see what I can do with them :o)