Monday, 27 October 2014


This year my local quilting group Piecemakers have challenged their members to make four little 12.5" quilts on the themes of lines, squares, triangles and circles.  While I'm always up fora challenge (and group activity) I wasn't sure about the mini quilt idea.  Personally, I don't want to make things which are purely decorative. (Yes, I know it's all about the journey, but I want a journey and a destinnation!). So I decided to make two of each block, then add another block and make it up as a Linus quilt.  And asan extra challenge for myself, to stick to pastel colours.

So, here is the central section in progress.  I found a ballerina fabric for the extra block.

Here is the lines block - string piecing.

Here are the squares - Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trip.

Triangles -self evident.

And circles - will be in the centres of the flowers! 
Got to get it finished by the middle of November.  Piece of cake! 

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