Friday, 5 December 2014

Another challenge

I have finished my quilt using the 'Dear Jane' blocks, and since it's for Rhiannon, have called it 'Dear Rhiannon'.  DS will take it down to hers on Sunday.  Hope she likes it.

So what am I doing now?  Can't let the sewing machine remain idle!  Apart from the blue string blocks and of course my Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion, I needed to get on with the Linus Winter Challenge.  This was just an idea of mine to get some quilts which were gender neutral.  I bought some fabric with dogs on it, and cut into half yard pieces.  I had had wadding cot packs donated by the Warm Company, so gave out a piece of fabric plus the wadding and challenged people to make a quilt.  The results will be judged in January and a prize of a layer cake and book awarded.  

Here is the fabric (why is it upside down?) and here is my progress so far.

I cut the dog fabric into 4.5" squares then had a rummage in the orphans bags and found all the half square triangles etc to fill in the spaces.  A couple of borders and it'll be done.  Easy!


audrey said...

What's not to like? Your quilt is beautiful and filled with many hours of your love.:) I was intrigued to see the name Rhiannon (with that particular spelling) as that is my daughters name! It's a small world.

Amanda said...

The Rhiannon quilt is fabulous! A great finish!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your Dear Rhiannon quilt is gorgeous...and inspiring too. I got my blocks out and have a plan to get them together!

black bear cabin said...

that quilt is absolutely stunning!!! who wouldnt totally LOVE it :) if it accidentally ends up here id be thrilled!!! hugs

Liz said...

Dear Rhiannon is fab and your Linus quilt is great I have a plan for my quilt but that is all it is at the moment, a plan.