Thursday, 17 December 2015


This time of year is perfect for playing with scraps.  You can do a little bit at a time, and the mindlessness of it is ideal as relaxation in all this Christmas stress.  I have made a double row of MAM blocks round the HSTs, and once the outside rows are joined it will be fine. 

Lots of 'I spy' opportunities there, with Micky Mouse, jigsaws, elephants, snowmen, balloons and suchlike to spot.  It made me think about my Linus scrap drawer. 

Just at the moment it's practically overflowing.  It would be good to see it getting emptier, but it never seems to happen, no matter how much sewing I do!  There must be a way of measuring how much fabric is in it, so I could actually see progress in taming the scraps.  What about weighing the fabric?! 

There we are!  Six pounds - that includes the drawer of course, but it's the only way I could think of to get the fabric on the scales.  Watch out for updates on my progress, one scrap at a time! 

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