Wednesday, 27 April 2016


After our recent holiday, I realised that my holiday bag had come yo the end of its days.  The handles had begun to come away, there were a couple of little tears in it and it was looking very shabby.  Time for a new one.  I made one from the same pattern again, as I found it so practical. 

Big enough to get an extra cardie in, yet light.  Long enough handles to go over a shoulder, but also good for carrying in a hand.  

And inside, an inside zipped pocket for important stuff, and three open pockets for sun cream, sun glasses, bottles of water etc.  Perfect! 
I also made another of these little dumpling bags. 

Small, but easy to make and very cute.  Again, great for holidays, to put chargers, tablets, coins or any small items in. 
Then, tired of forgetting to bring an ironing board to Linus sewing sessions, I made a small ironing pad which will fit in a Curver box with all the Linus equipment. 

I cut down a piece of cardboard from a fabric bolt and covered it with wadding, then some fabric.  Not very snazzy but hopefully very useful. 

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

What a cheery bag! And really handy too. I think the best thing is when something falls apart because it was loved and used...may your next bag have the same fun and travels! :o)