Thursday, 5 May 2016

Getting ahead

I'm not a person who thrives on pressure.  I like to keep ahead of the game and be prepared.  So, here we are. I'm doing a zip workshop in July, so have made a sample already. 

This zip is integral, and has an inside pocket.  Normally I would put it in a bag lining, but since the workshop is just an hour, I thought it would be good to make something manageable.  This simple bag 
Can have a zip put in it very quickly, so people can get the technique under their belt.  
Then I made my challenge blocks.  Circles is the challenge, and here is my first block. 

I wanted to needle turn, but couldn't face the stress of trying to keep circles circular, so used the foil method.

You need a circle of cardboard the correct size.  Make a pile with a piece of foil, a circle of fabric larger than you want the circle to finish on top of it right side down, with the card on top. 

Pull the foil tightly round the card.  Make sure it's very circular, with no points. 

Iron on the front and back.  

When the foil has cooled, undo it, and hey presto!  A perfect circle ready to appliqué!  You can use the foil several times before it's too crumpled.  Good idea! 
Hope the recipient will like the blocks. 

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