Friday, 7 October 2016

Reality check

The postman rang the bell this morning with a lovely oblong package for me!  It was the book I ordered a few days ago.  Great excitement! 

I have followed Sujata Shah for a while, and love the way she uses colours and shapes, so decided to buy her book.  I know I'm not making any tops at the moment (or not supposed to be!) but I couldn't resist a bit of inspiration. But. 
My book collection is starting to get out of hand.  I do go back to certain books on a regular basis, but something has got to give.  So I have decided that it's got to be 'one book in, one book out'.  At least husband can't complain at that!  But which book goes out?  It's got to be one I haven't used for a while. 

And here it is.  Thus is one of the first quilt books I bought, and I made several of the designs in the book.  Lots of sentimental value here, but against the Sujata Shah, there's no contest.  Out with the old and in with the new! 

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