Sunday, 13 November 2016

No iPad

Last weekend I had a lovely time visiting first my daughter in Cambridge (new house, lots of excitement!) and then my son in Manchester (theatre visit and Manchester city centre on Saturday night, quite scary!). All was well till I arrived home to find I had left my iPad in Manchester.  I might as well have left my right hand there, as of course, all my contacts are on it, and I was adrift.  Luckily it was sent back to me, so I'm now back on track. 

I have put together my Sarah Fielke top.  It was a puzzle to put the blocks out, as every time I thought they were looking good, I saw one which clashed with or was too like its neighbours.  I'm not completely happy with the turquoise appliqué in the centre, but it was the best arrangement.  Now I have to wait for the border instructions.  Do I go pieced or wimp out and buy a piece of fabric for the border?  I'll wait and see. 

Another completed centre is the circles quilt.  I'm really pleased with this, and have managed to get more of the teal and purple fabric for the final border.  Unfortunately I couldn't get yardage, just fat quarters, but I've joined them carefully, so I think it'll be OK. 

And here is a Linus quilt I'm bigging up.  The Snoopy fabric is so gorgeous, and as a change from flying geese I made some Delectable Mountain blocks for the border.  The red corners are not right and will have to be replaced by green ones I think.  Shame, as they were out of my spare parts box.  They'll just have to go back in there and wait for their chance to shine! 

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oooh I love your Sarah Fielke top! GORGEOUS!