Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Circles and stuff

I have successfully made 16 different circles and joined them together. 

They need bordering on the left and bottom, but then I'll be ready for the big border.  I love these blocks, and enjoyed the challenge of drafting and completing each one.  So much so, that I've started another quilt! 

Looks a bit dreary here, but in better light it looks pretty.  Quite a challenge for me, as I don't normally do pastels, but so far, it's fun. 
Since I have shamelessly stolen Jen Kingwell's idea of circles, I thought I ought to support her business by at least buying one of her books.  I chose 'Quilt Lovely' which has some lovely designs in it.  I couldn't resist raiding my stack of log cabin blocks to make these hearts. 

They are made from two log cabin blocks and two courthouse steps and with 1.5" logs, come out at 14". Great size for a Linus 9-patch!  The only snag is the red centres of the courthouse steps.  They keep reminding me of the the 'I think we need bigger buns!' bit in Calendar Girls!  I think if I make some more blocks with different coloured centres, and mix them in, it will look better! 

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loulee said...

Your circles look amazing. The new low volume ones are a delight, love 'em. And yes, now you mention it, I can see the need for bigger buns too! LOL