Friday, 31 August 2007


Lots of excitement in the post yesterday! First was my present from Kate's give-way , a beautiful postcard sent from Ireland. I've seen fabric postcards before, and even made a couple myself, but never had the guts to actually put one in the post! This one has a beautiful floral backing, with message, address and stamp, and has survived the trials of the postal system perfectly. Many thanks to Kate, for an inspirational gift.

The same postman bought me a little box and in it were the business cards I ordered a while ago. I don't have a business, but when I found out that you can order 250 little cards from Vistaprint for FREE, I thought I'd get some! OK, so it's a little loss leader for them, and while there are 20-odd designs you can choose from, most of them are subject specific (for mechanics, estate agents and nail studios etc) and didn't appeal. Also at every step of the ordering process they ask if you want to upgrade to glossy (only a few pounds more) or add other features (for more money) so you need to be strong not to add to your bill. They do charge postage, which is fair enough, but at £3.50 for the UK I thought it was worth it. Now all I need to do is find 250 friends!

(The cards don't come with a piece of green fabric on them: I've covered up my address just in case anyone wants to steal the identity of the only quilting bellydancer in Leicestershire!)


Jill Smith said...

Be very carful about vista prints, l used to get them but never again, thats why there free, email me if you want , am in the uk

Karol-Ann said...

My other DSIL is a belly dancer. She teaches and is very slim. In the vain hope that I would shift some of my belly she made me a workout video. Perhaps you have inspired me to give it another go. I could be the only Yorkshire-based belly dancing quilter (or are there others? LOL)

Jane Weston said...

Those are great Lynda and handy to whip out when you met someone new.


blackbearcabin said...

belly dancing.... quilting....and lime green...we have many similar interests! :) it will be fun getting to know you thru blogger!