Sunday, 12 August 2007

Mile a minute

I know I should be getting on with the stack and slash quilt I'm making for a retirement present, but the problem with blogging, is the delight of looking at other people's blogs, and the danger of getting inspired. So, I was just looking at Fiona's lovely blog, when I came across the mile a minute block, which is perfect for using up all those crumbs and strings which seem to lurk in the bottom of bags or boxes, and if you're thrifty enough to put them together in a container, they just multiply!

I thought, 'I'll just do a few, to perhaps make a Linus quilt,' and here I am, 46 blocks later, on my way to a double quilt, it seems!

Here are the first 25 joined together. They look great! Well, they would do, if the picture was a bit clearer. At least they give the idea.

I've just realised, that I couldn't use this as a Linus quilt anyway, as there is an ample cleavage on one of the strings - not really suitable for small children, I don't think! Here is a close- up.

I love novelty fabrics, and bought this Alexander Henry pin-up fabric to make a quilt for DD, who is a burlesque performer. The fabric has lots of curvy ladies in shorts and skimpy outfits in the woods. Not very believable but great fun. I didn't realise this lady had worked her way into my scrap bag but hey, that's what scrap bags are for!


Jane Weston said...

ROFLOL Oh Lynda...that's a hoot...or should I say hooter!!! LOL Sorry that's my bad sense of humour!

Fiona said...

Ooh fab! Aren't they just the most addictive thing ever? Yours look great and I love the thought of the cleavage turning up in there.

katepang said...

Now I've found your blog too! More time not quilting. Thanks for your comment about UFOs - I've finished one of the more than 100 tonight, so I'm feeling pretty good. It was 10 years old, and all it needed was the binding! I really like the mile a minute - must follow that one up!

Floss said...

That is too funny. Looks like it was fun fabric, but I agree properly not the best thing in a kids quilt.

Jane Weston said...

Just saw that you added a picture of yourself. Looks fab!

Karol-Ann said...

Very nice blocks, they look such fun, but I musn't get distracted again at the moment, however it is on my list of things to do!

(ps Love the star fabric in the close-up)