Tuesday, 23 October 2007


As usual, blogging has distracted me from my current projects and encouraged me to try something new. Tonya, it's all your fault! I was very impressed at her 'Blooming Horrors' wall hanging- how clever! But I was motivated to try her strip pieced jack o'lanterns, which are great fun.
As usual, I decided to do it the hard way. Her instructions are to use paper templates, and I decided not to 'waste' time on those. Also, her pumpkins had straight sides, and I wanted mine to look more rounded, so added more half square triangles and different lengthed strips. The eyes are a bit strange (I couldn't think how to do them at first, so made two half square triangles, which is why they're so big!) but on the whole I'm very pleased with it. Once it's quilted, I'll hang it on the front door on the 31st. .


blackbearcabin said...

Thats totally cute...i want one for my front door! Too bad the only visitors ill get on Hallween are four legged creatures...particularly racoons! They have been ransacking our garbage nightly, the little bandits!
Have fun, and post a pic when its all done!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

your jack turned out great!

no, not paper templates! I just drew them out in different ways to show how you could doodle first to get ideas to then freely piece them together.