Friday, 19 October 2007

Hey, Mister Postman

Why was it that as soon as I had ordered a CD and a book from Amazon and had won a prize on Karol-Ann's blog the postmen went on strike? I could just about manage without the book and prize, but the CD was the music for the bellydance routine I am in for a charity performance in December, and I need all the extra practice I can get!

Then, wasn't it typical that they all arrived on the same day, and some lovely cards from children who had received Project Linus quilts.

Here you can see the lovely chilli key-ring from Karol-Ann (the sparkliness of the beads hasn't come out well, but it almost looks real in the photo! Thanks to her also for the chilli fabric. I love novelty fabrics and will stroke it for a bit, then add it to my collection. I was inspired to buy the book by a comment from Joyce. We have both been trying some ideas Tonya gives on her blog (she calls her blog Lazy Gal Tonya, which is a laugh if you look at her work) and Joyce recommended the book. I've seen some quilts by Freddy Moran before, and love the bright colours and relaxed piecing, so thought I'd give it a go. More of that later, no doubt!
I don't get too much feedback from the Linus quilts I deliver, but am always touched by the letters and cards which make it.
I have finally finished my Mile a Minute, but due to an accidental error by Patti, who set us all off in the first place by showing her excellent tutorial, the name has to be changed to Crumb Chaos blocks. Have a look at Patti's blog for a full explanation. Unfortunately, it was too late to change this quilt's name, but I will note this for the future.

Since it is to be a sofa quilt, I wanted to quilt it well to strengthen it, so decided to use Jane's idea of the cinnamon roll quilting motif, from Kim Diehl's book 'Simple Blessings'. I don't actually know what a cinnamon roll is, so I have re-named it the Swiss roll motif, and take comfort from the fact that good, homemade Swiss rolls are often a bit lopsided and cracked, and match my quilting motifs perfectly!
I think they look good on this scrappy quilt and I'm sure all the bottoms which sit on the quilt will be appreciative too.


loulee1 said...

At least you got your stuff, I'm still waiting! I think they kept everything for the Isle of Man in one big pile somewhere. :-(

Jane Weston said...

The quilting looks great Lynda! I didn't know you didn't know what a cinnamon roll is! (did anybody at Rocheberie know what I was talking about?) LoL It's a sweet bread that is rolled flat and then sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, rolled up like a Swiss roll and cut into sections. The sections are then baked and drizzled with a sugar icing for a very decadent, sweet treat! Have a good weekend!

Vicki W said...

I just found your blog via Jane Weston. Great projects and I admit that I also love the MAM blocks! That pink and black one is one of my favorites ever!

Andrea said...

Lovely quilt Lynda ! Did you get the grumpy email from the designer too ?

Quilter said...

Yum, cinnamon rolls :o)

I love your crumbs/mile a minute quilt it is stunning. A goo driend of mine gave me some blocks she had made I have pieced them into a top, but alas it is not quilted yet. This makes me want to get onto it. Thanks.