Friday, 16 November 2007

Old and new

I have still been fiddling about with bits and bobs, and have nothing finished to show for all the mess in my sewing room. I've started making the medallion quilt for the lady who gave me the old quilt and am using the old quilt for inspiration. Looking at it in the photo, I think it needs a bit more of the rust colours of the medallion. I'm doing another row of pinwheels, so can easily mix rust in with them.
Incidentally, is there anyone out there who knows anything about old quilts? The old quilt in question was bought in London 50 years ago, and nothing more is known about it. The maker was obviously very thrifty, as she has used some selvedges in the piecing. Here are two of them.

This one has a kind of crown and squiggles motif, which may have a V (for Queen Victoria?) in the middle and then the word LINEN and some numbers underneath. (The fabric doesn't seem to be linen to me.)
This one has large numbers on it, and on the back of the fabric is some writing, which isn't very clear. My friend Jane lent me a lovely book, called 'Ontario's Heritage Quilts' by Marilyn I. Walker where there is a coverlet which has the same two manufacturer's marks on it: a crown with 'British Manufact...' underneath, and then another piece with big numbers. In the book, this coverlet is dated 1827, so I'm wondering if the fabrics in the old quilt are of a similar age! Does anyone know anything about selevdge markings? Please let me know.

On a different vein, have signed up for Tonya's Winter Class. it's not a class as such, more inspiration. She starts by asking you to think what Christmas means to you, and for me, I think it's getting together with family, friends, strangers who might be friends etc. and the feelings of togetherness and happiness that brings. So I have started a wall-hanging with all kinds of people gathering in houses. I'm going to leave the snow at the bottom blank so that all the people who visit us over the Christmas period can sign their names. I'm planning to add words to it - probably Goodwill to all Men, which seems to me as good a Christmas sentiment as you can get.


Rose Marie said...

Love your quilt so far and the idea of guests signing their name!

Andrea said...

Your medallion quilt is coming on well ! I love pinwheels. Your Christmas wall hanging is a brilliant idea.

blackbearcabin said...

i love your little houses, and i think having folks sign it is a great idea. what a treasure you will have! Looks like you are keeping busy...hope you are having lots of fun! cheers~ lisajo