Friday, 4 January 2008

Feathered star 2

Yesterday there were 'severe weather' warnings out to tell us that snow was on the way. We were supposed to have snow coming in off the North Sea (from the east) yesterday afternoon and this morning. DD and I were quite looking forward to it, as neither of us needed to travel any where, so could enjoy it. However, we didn't see even one flake! Apparently the wind turned and the snow was only on the coast and high ground. What a swizz!

Never mind. Since it was bitterly cold, I made my own snowflake (or feathered star). This one was from Quilter's Cache. The centre should have been a solid square, but I felt it looked too solid, so made it into a star instead. The instructions were fantastic, although this star was a bit more tricky to assemble (or at least, I had to do a lot of pinning and a bit of bodging) but not really difficult. The only snag is that at 21" finished, it won't fit with the other one (15" finished) so into the UFO box it goes - for now!


Sew Create It - Jane said...'s really pretty Lynda! And well done for making your own flake at a time... :o) We were all prepared for it here too...stocked up on groceries and all! I have 2 girls that are rather disappointed we didn't see the white stuff!

blackbearcabin said...

i like the personal touch you gave it in the works nicely. i love this block and hate to see it sitting in a UFO pile...maybe you can make it into a pillow! :)