Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Three down, two to go!

In true Master of Patience? fashion, I have been getting a bit bored with my challenge to finish 5 quilts by the end of the month. Despite Peg kindly trying to keep me motivated by giving me a second award, I got a bit distracted.My excuse is that we are having a Bag Day at Rocheberie Quilters in September, and I had offered to demo an easy bag I had made a while ago. I had one example (the one which I showed in my first blog entry) but decided I needed another. Why cut up good fabric when I had a piece which had already been cut up previously? My curved flying geese had ended up in the UFO box, and would make a great bag!

Here is my sample just before I sewed it together,

and here is the bag! Luckily I had some of the navy fabric left for the bag base, and more of the green/blue batik for binding and handles.

Some buttons which came out of my button jar added the perfect embellishment, and the lining is another piece of blue/green fabric with yellow. Couldn't have been a better match if I'd been out and chosen it specially.

Another UFO out of the box, a reduced stash and a bag to show my green credentials at the supermarket!


Karol-Ann said...

Very cute. looks like a fun pattern.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I can see why you got distracted..lovely bag...very happy colours.

Melody said...

Nice bag! guess this means you only have 2 left for your challenge. You go girl!!!!

Helen in the UK said...

Great way to use those curved geese - they make a GREAT bag :)

blackbearcabin said...

LOVE the bag...great colors!