Friday, 22 August 2008

Fungly fun!

I really should be getting on with my family quilt, but couldn't resist another of Tonya's challenges to make a fungly quilt. The idea is that you look through your stash and find boring, ugly and fun fabrics and use them to make simple blocks. The great thing (apart from using up fabrics which have been lurking in your stash for ages) is that to add to the fun, you don't worry about points matching or mistakes, just sew the patches together and watch the blocks pile up!
The idea isn't really to make a quilt you like, but one for the back of the car, picnics etc.

Here are my blocks all laid out ready to be joined. I have used some of my own fabrics and some of Project Linus fabrics and aim to make this up to hopefully appeal to a teenager. The only disappointing thing, is that despite the fact that I didn't try to match any points, the blocks aren't too bad at all - some of them better than the ones I meticulously pin! Typical.

And just to show I'm not a complete slacker, here are Mum and Dad complete and holding hands, ready to head up their family.


Joyce said...

Your fungly is beautiful. I really like your people. I am inspired to try some more-as soon as I get done a few of the other dozens of wips.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

wonderful fungly. Bright and happy, just the way it should be.

anne bebbington said...

As for points matching I reckon that's just Sod's Law! Great fungly - bright and funky - just right for a teenager

Carol E. said...

I love the Fungly, and the people are very cool. Are there more examples of people somewhere, or are you totally making these up? They're super!

Magpie Sue said...

I experienced the same thing with my fungly blocks! The points came out just fine without my really trying. Weird.

Love your Mum & Dad :- )