Friday, 8 August 2008

More people

I've so much enjoyed making these paper pieced people - even though, since they're improvised, they are quite tricky! I was so pleased that Christine Thresh, whose idea it was, was generous enough to say that my people could be friends with hers! Quilters are the best! However, I'm not sure my wonky ones would fit in with her sophisticated set - although, thinking about it, there's always room for more friends in our lives, and we all have friends who may not be perfect, but we love anyway. These will be those! Thank you, Christine.

Here is my Dad, who couldn't be seen out in public without a tie (I appliqued that on).

And here is DS, in t-shirt with a motif on, and holes in his jeans.

I'm doing DH next and asked hm what he would like to wear. He says he doesn't care, so it's a sparkly jumpsuit for him, then!


Joyce said...

I love your people. I am definitely going to be giving them a try.

Christine Thresh said...

These little people are addictive, I know.
I put up a picture of some of mine on a quilt on my main web page --
I don't think they are too "formal." The one of me is waving.

Karol-Ann said...

These are great. Your poor old Dad is a bit short-waisted though LOL