Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Bags and mariner's compass

My Mum absolutely loved the Family Tree quilt! She seemed to think the figures were very like their real-life counterparts (except that my sister-in-law doesn't actually have a pointed head!) and is quite keen to get it framed. I said she can just hang it, but she says it will get dusty. I pointed out that it was fully washable, which gave her pause for thought. I 'll leave her to think about it, but maybe the cost of the framing will encourage her to hang it instead!

Meanwhile I have been having a rest from quilting by making bags. After I had made my BQL January bag, I accidentally threw away the pattern. Luckily Nik came to the rescue and let me have a copy of hers. Thanks, Nik. So I have made a bag each for DS and DD.

They chose their own fabric, DS quite restrained with cars (it was actually a shirt I bought in a charity shop, so a double whammy where recycling is concerned) and DD typically exuberant with dancing skeletons which I bought in San Francisco.

The bags fold up into a little pocket, so are handy to put in your briefcase or handbag, for spontaneous purchases.

At my quilting group 'Flutterwheels', we have continued the stars theme by doing a Mariner's Compass block. This was made using a Judy Mathieson method, where you use freezer paper, but don't sew through it. This means you still get the accuracy, but can reuse the paper and don't have to spend hours picking the blasted stuff off the back. There are nine members of the group, so someone will get 9 beautiful compasses in 'autumn' colours. Hope it's me!

Don't forget, there is still time to register for my 100th blog draw. Look at the previous post for details.


Karol-Ann said...

Cute bags! And winning those blocks would be amazing - not getting ahead of yourself here, but what would you do with them?

loulee1 said...

So glad your mum likes her quilt.

I'm busy with bags too, when I get the chance.