Friday, 26 September 2008


I had always fancied making a jars quilt (remember when quilts with jars full of insects were all the rage?), but never managed to collect enough suitable fabrics for one. So I was doubly delighted when I received a collection of jars which Karol-Ann kindly sent me for Linus. Apparently they has been in her UFO box for two years, and she didn't think she'd get round to using them. (Makes my UFO collection seem positively antique!) Thanks Karol-Ann for donating to Linus, and also thanks for giving me nearly enough blocks to make a jars quilt without having to buy lots of different fabrics!

Here are the blocks ready to play. I loved all the blocks, but had to reject this one as I'm not sure it's suitable for a Linus quilt!

I added a few blocks of my own and here is the basic arrangement ready for a border. The royal blue you can just see on the right is probably going to be the colour for the border as it needs something gutsy but which won't take the emphasis away from the jars.

Many thanks to all those who commented on my quandry about the old quilt I had been given for Linus. I found out who had given it to me, and it turned out to have belonged to a 91 year old lady who had recently died. Her daughter had found the quilt amongst her mother's things, and given it to a member of an embroidery group who she knew was a quiltmaker. It was she who had given it to me. After a lot of thought, I have decided that it will be better to find a museum which would like the quilt. I know it will end up in a box, but at least it will be an acid-free box in a temperature-controlled environment. It may not see the light of day much, but that means it will survive longer. If that fails (there are hoards of unfinished hexagon quilts in the UK) I will think about putting it on ebay for a collector to look after and love. OK?


Karol-Ann said...

I'm so pleased you have done something with the jars. It looks great! Perhaps the wine bottle one could be made into a gift bag for... a bottle of wine LOL

ps I'm sure I did the jar swap when jar quilts were all the rage *grin*(perhaps I have had them longer than 2 years. I am in rather serious denial about my UFO's so it could well be!)

black bear cabin said...

Those little jars are cute, and how nice of karol ann to pass them on to become a linus quilt! im sure you will have it looking awesome in no time!
Now, to dig thru my UFO's and bust a move.....hmmmm! I may be busy for a while :)