Friday, 27 March 2009

Bag lady

I am currently preparing for tomorrow's meeting of Rocheberie Schoolhouse Quilters in Rugby, where all will be revealed! It's a Mystery Quilt Day, and members will be bringing along pieces of fabric cut in various shapes and sizes, ready to sew them together and make a design which will be a complete surprise. If anyone reading this is coming, be assured, the quilt is gorgeous! Jane and Chris have designed it and have cleverly asked people to bring sufficient fabrics in dark and light to make just one quarter of the quilt. That way, if they like it, they can make the other three quarters at home, and if not, they can donate it to the group, where it will be made up (with other people's quarters) for charity. What a fabulous idea! It means you don't waste time (and money) cutting fabrics for a quilt you hate, but gives you the opportunity to try something new and fun.
And the bags? There will be some areas on the quilt suitable for stitching or applique, and I have been volunteered to demo bonded applique. Just to show the technique, I decided to make some fun motifs for a future Linus quilt, and here they are.

This one has been blanket stitched around the edge.

This one has been satin stitched with variegated thread.

This one has been machined about an eighth of an inch around the edge - not a technique I've used before, but which looks really nice.

And here is my example, ready to go.
I'll take my camera tomorrow and see what develops.