Saturday, 7 March 2009

Woof, woof!

I have been busy layering up and quilting a Mile a Minute Linus quilt, and making a strippy quilt top for a neighbour's new imminently-expected grandchild,

and needed to do something a bit more exciting. I thought something a bit more interesting and child-friendly for Linus would be good, and spent a while looking for dog blocks on the internet. Then I remembered seeing some people and animal free pieced blocks in Roberta Horton's 'Scrap Quilts' book, so had a look at that. The dog was only on a quilt label, but was enough for me to be inspired and cutting fabric straight away. Here are my dogs so far.

The green one was first, a bit basic, but at least it was a start. Then I experimented with shaped faces and tail positions. If you fancy making some of your own, you can see that they are made of four strips. Top strip has the ear, second strip the head, third strip the body and tail, and fourth strip the legs. I'm off to make the next one -a red starry dachshund!


Millie said...

These dogs are just darling!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

They are great...they would go great with some of Tonya's letters :o) They've got that free piecing look to them...what fun!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

so fun - I love the plaid one. the more you make, the better you get!

janet said...

The dogs are fab - I love the free piecing style. Kids will love the fact that all the dogs are different and that each will have his own personality. I just might have to try some of these - although cats may be more me!