Saturday, 18 April 2009


I'm no mathematical genius, and don't bet on anything, but I reckon with 16 people in my draw and only one winner, the odds against winning are 15:1. (Please feel free to correct me if you know better!) This time, I asked DH to pick one of the entrants, and he chose number 7, which is Joyce! Please let me know your snail-mail, Joyce and I'll put the goodies into a parcel and send them post haste!
Yesterday I was in the post office with a parcel, as I have entered into a Siggy Swap with Connie. I contacted Connie when I heard about the swap, but was too late, as it was full. She kindly said she would keep my details in case there was a second one, and I forgot all about it. Then on Friday I had a very polite note from her to enquire where my blocks were, as the closing date for the second swap was now gone! I didn't even know it was happening! So apologies to all those participating in Siggy Swap 2, as my blocks will delay the whole thing by a week or so.
Here are my blocks ready to go. I chose a fabulous novelty fabric with flappers on it and a green batik. Most people seem to have printed their signatures by computer, but I wanted quick, so I have written them by free machining. I chose a fairly firm fabric for the cream and startched it before I machined it to eliminate pucker. Hope people like them.


Connie W said...

Lynda, Your blocks are colorful and fun...can't wait until they arrive! Thank you for participating!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

How beautiful! Love the way you've signed your name with free-motion stitching...that's brilliant!