Thursday, 13 August 2009

Quilting problems solved!

How many times have we seen comments on blogs which say, 'Love the top, but how are you going to quilt it?' I've bought a book which has lots of answers to the question. It's called 'Quilting makes the Quilt' by Lee Cleland (and was recommended in 'Quilters' Newsletter magazine') and it's fabulous! Lee chose 12 traditional quilt patterns, such Le Moyne Star, Log cabin, Square in a Square, Irish Chain etc. and made each one FIVE times in identical fabrics! (I would have given up the ghost long before this stage!) Then she quilted each quilt in a different way, and has beautiful photos which show the effect the various patterns have had on the quilt. Amazing! If it were merely a picture book, that would be enough, but there is more. There are patterns for the quilts and the quilting designs, and lots of tips on marking up quilts, how to make patterns fit on borders, dealing with corners, enlarging designs and machine quilting tips too! I can hardly recommend this book enough, and there are copies available on for £11. Bargain.


Janet said...

thank you for this recommendation. I have one book on quilting patterns but this looks like it will give more helpful information.

Contented Caroline said...

I have placed my order with amazon Lynda - glad to hear such positives about a book, I'm always looking to improve my quilting skills. Thank you for you Guru-ness again!!!

Gina said...

thanks for the review. I'll be ordering this next time I'm on the Amazon site

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Sew Create It - Jane said...

That looks like a great book...wouldn't mind having a flip through sometime ;o)

Jeannie said...

Hi Lynda
I was lucky enough to do a workshop with Lee a few years ago. I have the book and think it's great to use as inspiration. I'm enjoying following your blog.