Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Last weekend saw the exhibition of my local group Piecemakers. This was our second bi-annual show, and was very successful. We hired the hall for Saturday and Sunday, and the quilts were set up on Friday evening. Unfortunately I couldn't help with the setting up as I had already agreed to be on the front of house team for the drama group's Old Time Music Hall. Never mind. They had enough helpers, and I sent several quilts, my raffle prizes and cake, and spent Saturday afternoon as a 'quilt angel', my favourite job! Here are a few of my quilts displayed.

My Family Tree quilt, made for my Mum's 80th birthday - ironically displayed next to a quilt made by another member for her mum's 80th birthday! She had printed out photos of places with sentimental interest to her mum, which made for a delightful touch.

My French Roses are on the left. This quilt attracted quite a bit of interest, perhaps it was its old world charm which caught people's attention. At the very front is a Dresden Plate I made ages ago. The old designs are always good.

The sew-a-row isn't mine (unfortunately!) but 'I love my Willy' (a homage to Shakespeare) is. The quit with balloons is our group quilt, and it looks splendid. If you want to see more of the pictures, click here to see pictures I took and here to see Jane's much superior pix!