Saturday, 3 October 2009

Linus ahoy!

Linus coninues to be my main focus at the moment. It's been lovely to spend some time with people who have made quilts (and want to make more!), completing tops, sewing on bindings and labels etc., but it's meant that, what with everything else which is going on, I haven't had much time to get on with anything for me. Then just when I thought I might try and get ahead of the game and start a couple of Christmas projects, I saw this lovely boat pattern in 'Fast Quilts'.

It's designed by Lisa Christensen and looks perfect for scraps. I managed to find some 'sea' fabric, which will unify the blocks, but the boats can be any colour on a cream background, and will look great. Linus wins - again!


Joyce said...

Cute. I always love scrap projects.

Janet said...

This would be perfect for a scrappy baby quilt. I have one coming up and I'm just waiting to find out the sex.

Contented Caroline said...

I'm liking tose very much - boats always go down well with me.