Sunday, 18 April 2010

Oh dear.

I knew I had the willpower of a gnat, but I have again failed miserably in my efforts to keep to a fabric diet. DD is making a quilt (more of which later) and needed some more red fabric. She needed to go to the Bramble Patch yesterday (note the two uses of the word 'needed'), and I foolishly went with her. I came home with 2.5 metres of fabric, only one metre of which I needed. (On the plus side, one fat quarter was free, but that hardly signifies!)

Here are my purchases. The pretty fabric with the birds on it is a 'gender-neutral' centre for a baby quilt for a colleague's new grandbaby - due in June. DD has a Master's in Sexual Dissidence, so wouldn't allow me to buy anything which smacked of sexism! The fabric with the multicoloured words on will go into my collection of fabrics with writing on - I nearly needed it!

The other fabric was a want, rather than a need. This fabric from In the Beginning fabrics is covered with 1930s drawings of domesticity, with 21st century quilting-appropriate captions. 'Happiness is relaxing after the shop hop.' 'I told him it was unwise to make me choose between him and my fabrics. I will miss hm though.' And the personally appropriate 'I sent my son to college so I could keep my fabric in his room .. expensive storage!' You can see my all-time favourite in the centre of the picture!

And the free fabric? Every year the Bramble Patch have a competition for the Margaret Every Cup, which starts with them giving out free fabric and ends with an exhibition of quilts and wall-hangings made using this fabric and in aid of cancer charities. This year there was a choice of fabric which was traditional or novelty. Of course, I was instantly drawn to the novelty! What will I do with it? I have no idea!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Glad to see you are doing your bit to keep the economy going :o)

Contented Caroline said...

Don't worry, the important thing is that you admitted it, it needn't stop your diet, you indulged, so what ... carry on with your diet as if nothing ever happened. Ps. Love those fabrics - indulged in some of the same ones a few weeks ago!!

Barb said...

Hi - love fabric with words too!
I also bought the 30's domestic fabric, what great pictures and the color combo is great -

Tonya Ricucci said...

fun fabric! I've got those top two wordy fabrics myself.