Friday, 23 April 2010

Out of the mouths ....

We have lived in our house for nearly 25 years, and things are starting to need replacing. We need new soffits and gutters, a new drive, a new boiler and a new kitchen. I am supposed to be getting quotes for all these items, but haven't got very far yet. Yesterday, DH tackled me while I was emailing, and said that on my day off, I should be getting quotes rather than spending my time quilting. 'I'm not quilting now!' I replied indignantly. 'No, but you're thinking about it!' was his wise rejoinder. He knows me so well!
So what have I been thinking about recently? I'm still obsessed with the scrappy hearts, so I've been thinking about them.

And blue ones,

and red ones,

and pastel ones!
I need to go and think about hanging out washing, so I'll just wish the main man, Will, many happy returns of the day,
and a happy St George's Day to all!


Barb said...

Thinking about finishing up my pineapples and my challenge quilt. Also gardening - top of the mind this time of year.
happy weekend

Sew Create It - Jane said...

You can use me as an excuse for not getting quotes...after all I occupied most of your day today! :o)

Many thanks for the lovely visit...I feel all refreshed and inspired (to make hearts! LOL)

sewkalico said...

How funny!!! Love those hearts, I really should try them!

Anonymous said...

after my husband flooded the bathroom while fixing the commode flapper and discovering that the water shutoff valve was not working as it is on my agenda for the summer to call a plumber and have all the shutoff valves in the house replaced at one time for one service call charge. last year it was the pipes under all of the sinks. it is always something no matter how old your house is.