Saturday, 29 May 2010

Challenge quilts delivered

I have finished my alphabet quilt, and since all the entries to the challenge have to be in by Wednesday, DD and I had a little run down to the Bramble Patch to take my quilt, and hers.

This is my quilt, bordered in orange and bound in purple,

and here is hers. She decided that because the fabric was modern, she wanted to make a traditional piece, and since it said, 'pure, actual, authentic' etc on it, it would be good to do something which was not pure, actual or authentic. She finally hit on the famous spy, Mata Hari, and put her image on here (needled-turned, I'll have you know!) like a cameo. I doubt if either quilt will win the Margaret Every Cup, but at least they'll contribute to the exhibition, and raise some money for charity.

PS Have a look at Caroline's fabulous entry here.


Contented Caroline said...

They are both gorgeous Lynda - what a creative pair you are. Good luck and thank you for linking to my blog.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I forgot about Strawberries and Cream at the Bramble...I'll have to make a point of going down to see it.

Love your letters's fab!

Barb said...

what a creative challenge. I love alphabets and word fabrics so this is a treat. Where can I see all the entries?
how fun! yours turned out great!

Tonya R said...

fun quilts. take photos of all the challenge quilts when you can.

katepang said...

I love both these ideas - so different with the same fabric! The cameo silhouette idea is one that I have done in paper - but never thought of doing in fabric. I must have a go!