Sunday, 16 May 2010


I had a phone call from The Bramble Patch the other day, checking that I was on track to take my challenge quilt for the Strawberries and Cream fundraising exhibition. I assured them that I was happy to bring it by 2nd June. What I didn't tell, was that I hadn't even started it - although I did have an idea!

What better to do with fabric with words on it, than an alphabet quilt! (I've got another friend expecting a baby later in the summer, and since she's a librarian, I think it might hit the spot!) The 'b' needs some attention, and I need a bottom border on it and on the 'f' but so far so good. Only sixteen more to go!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looking good! I forgot about the Bramble Challenge..oops..guess I'm skipping it this year! LOL

sewkalico said...

It looks like it's going to be wonderful. Keep going - you can do it! :-)

Tonya R said...

these are fabulous! how big are they?

Barb said...

I love alphabets and this looks great!
doing letters with word fabric is a great idea, fun!