Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Attention span of a gnat!

I really admire those bloggers who work on one project at a time. They post photos of the fabrics they have chosen, photos of blocks, sashed blocks, tops and completed projects. then they move onto the next idea.

I'm not like that. I have a very low boredom threshold, and after a few days of working on a certain project, I'm ready for a change. I've been putting together these gorgeous blue scrappy hearts for a Linus quilt, and yesterday, just as I'd got them sashed and ready for borders, I just needed something different.
I have recently bought Carrie Nelson's new book, 'Schnibbles times two' and decided that now was the time to try one of the projects from it. I dived into the Linus green scraps, and not long after, there were two blocks for a new quilt!

The pattern is called 'Nice Day', and it certainly was!


Diana said...

I'm with you--I like to jump from project to project. No use getting bored, right? I really like the scrappy blue hearts.

black bear cabin said...

im the same fact, i try to post step by steps,etc... and then finally it just disappears off my blog for a while (sometimes a long while :) i eventually get back to it, but by the time i do, i have a fresh set of eyes and a new attitude about it :)
i LOVE the blue hearts...very cute! cant wait to see what you do with the green squares...have fun!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

If you could see my "sewing space" and the edge of the dining room at the moment...I have 3 quilts in various stages of basting, an appliqu├ęd block in midway, shirts from the car boot that need cutting up and quilting magazines to be read...not to mention the quilts swirling around in my head! Oh no, one can't have too much on the go! :o)

orchidlover said...

I've normally got three or four projects on the go at any one time aswell.

Love the scrappy blue hearts

Love and hugs Gina xxx