Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Making up blocks

Earlier in the year, at Rocheberie Quilters, we had a games day. Amongst the games we played was a bingo game, using 25-patches which people had made previously. All the games went down very well, and at the end of the day, we said that those who wanted to keep their 25-patches could obviously take them home, but if they didn't particularly want them, to leave them, and they would be made up into charity quilts. Most people kindly left their blocks, and they were divided between Project Linus and an Alzheimer charity.

I took 25 blocks home with me, and divided them into three groups. Those which did not measure the required 12.5" ( and I'm sorry to say, there were a few of those!), those which were 'pretty' and those which were 'bright'. The ones which were too small went into the orphans box, and here are the results of the other blocks.

Here are the 'pretty' blocks. I wondered about sashing them, but decided that it would dull their impact. I managed to find a piece of fabric for the first border which was the exact fabric of some of the pink squares, which was lucky. The border is two diferent fabrics which aren't quite the right colour, but frame it beautifully.

The 'brights' were a larger group and have made a bigger quilt. The yellow binding was DD's excellent suggestion - very in keeping with the theme!
Just hoping now that the block makers approve of the results!


Susan said...

They are lovely........What a great use of orphan blocks.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

It's lovely to see those blocks did double duty..first with the bingo and then second for a Linus quilt or two! Fab!!

Contented Caroline said...

Lovely Lynda - more gorgeous Linus quilts as usual - i like the pink one inparticular it's very colourful and uplifting.

Tonya R said...

ooh, those all came out fun!