Monday, 16 August 2010

Design problems

I have recently redecorated my sewing room. Even though I only emulsioned the walls, it was a bit traumatic, as there was clearing, sorting, undercoating, glossing, filling and quite a bit of cleaning to be done as well, so it took me the best part of a week! I'm very pleased with it now, and it was an opportunity for a bit of rationalisation and a sort out. I even went through my UFO box and found these lovely trailing vines.

I had started them as borders to a Baltimore quilt, but got so fed up with them (it's all needleturned) that I gave up and finished the quilt as it was! Hating waste, I just put these into my UFO box and forgot about them. I suddenly realised that they would make the foundation of a great strippy quilt. I decided to make some flying geese for the other strips, and used a pattern from 'Schnibbles times 2' to make some nice 8" ones. Then I put it together.

There is too much cream here, and it doesn't go at all well. Back to the drawing board - or to the quilt shop, actually! I looked for a nice striped fabric, as I thought that would be a quick solution. I managed to find the perfect fabric in the sale for £3 a yard.

With the addition of a few flowers in pinks and purples I'm much happier with it. And I have had a great idea for finishing it. Well, not so much had an idea, but been inspired by Barb's idea. She had made a lovely doll's quilt, in a strippy design, and had used the same striped fabric for the top and bottom of the quilt as for the strips. Have a look at it - it looks great. I have some more flowers to add to the design, but feel as if I'm now cooking with gas!
The only problem now, is that I have three strips of flying geese in my UFO box, which is one more strip than I had before!


loulee said...

LOL I'm sure you'll find a use for your geese.

Barb said...

I like the addition of the flowers to the second one.
Flying geese always come in handy - have a great week

Fiona said...

Great solution - probably my all-time favourite colour combination - the striped fabric was an inspiration.

orchidlover said...

Sorry to be such a wet blanket but I liked the flying geese version, maybe with a sahing between the rows it would have looked better for you. Mind you I like the second version aswell.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Both versions worked well...I liked the flying geese version, but to each his own.
I'm sure you will figure out something to do with them... even if it is to make more and add sashing... :o)