Saturday, 7 August 2010

Move over, Sherlock!

I have taken the plunge and washed the old hexagon quilt! To refresh memories, here is the quilt in its original state.

Here it is after I had replaced all the pieces which had been nibbled away! Since it is symmetrical, I tried to match the bottom left corner to the top right and used as many reproduction fabrics as I could.

Yesterday, when I had taken out all the papers from the back, and tacked along the edge to retain the shape. I dabbed at all the red patches with some damp tissue, to see if the dyes were likely to run. There was only one red Paisley patch which seemed suspect, but I washed the quilt carefully in lukewarm water in the bath, with 3 Colourcatchers! This is the colour of the water after I'd finished!

And here is the quilt now, all clean and fresh. There are still some stains on it, but that's to be expected, and I'm not about to start scrubbing at them! They're part of its history and badges of honour.

As to the papers, I spent some time examining them for clues to the address of the maker. There were lots of papers which had part of an address on one side, and nothing on the other, which I took to be envelopes. Here are some of them.

By taking information from all of them, the envelopes were sent to
Mrs Glass,
2, Charteris Road,
Finsbury Park,
Now I need to check the 1891 census to see who was living at that address (apart from Mrs Glass) and find the possible maker of the quilt!


Fiona said...

How exciting - like finding a time capsule. Bet you were nervous as you put the quilt into the water.

Contented Caroline said...

How lovely - and how wonderful to hear your research - i hope it goes well and you find some information to share.

orchidlover said...

How wonderful. I wonder if there are any relatives still living at the address.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Susan said...

It is a wonderful find and the quilters of times past appreciate your efforts. You did a remarkable job of saving this piece of history.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

How exciting...I love how you've worked it all out ...very clever!

Glad it all washed up ok...The colour of the water is something else!!

Barb said...

wow - great job! It looks sooo much fresher after its bath.
how will you quilt it?

Tonya R said...

you did such a wonderful job on this quilt - looks wonderful. love the bits of history that come along with it - quite the story it tells.

Mad about Craft said...

What a wonderful job!!!

It was dirty wasn't it, the 'after' shot makes the colours so clear.

Good luck with the research.