Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New 2011!

It's the start of another year, with the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of last year, and the possibilities of this! I had a very productive quilting year in 2010 and actually finished 25 quilts! That's not counting the bags, wall hangings, cards and other stuff I worked on. At least now when people ask me how long it takes me to make a quilt, I can say 'about 2 weeks'! Although to be fair, a lot of those quilts were for Project Linus, so were only lap sized. This is probably my favourite quilt of 2010, made for my lovely sister-in-law.

As to resolutions, this year I intend to 'spread the word' and go out and lead some beginners' classes. So watch out Brownies, Scouts, old folks, choirs, trainspotters, Rotary Clubs in fact any local group, or you might find yourself on the business end of a needle!

Happy quilting in 2011!


Contented Caroline said...

Do you mean 2011? I agree with your choice of favourite quilt last year - i love that one too. your sis-in-law is very lucky. I hope your have as much fun quilting this year as last year. Best wishes Cxx

Liz said...

Lovely colours in your fab quilt, this year looks as if it will be as busy as the last, all group meetings are now written in my diary.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Sounds like you are all geared up and ready to go!

Love that last picture! Too fumy!

Barb said...

25 quilts - wow! fantastic.
This is a lovely one.
How nice to teach new quilts, a wonderful idea.
happy 2011